CEREC Post-Treatment Instructions

Congratulations! You have just received the finest dental restoration advanced technology dentistry has to offer. Your CEREC ceramic restoration has replaced a portion of the tooth that has been damaged over time. With proper care it should provide years and years of service, as though your tooth were virtually re-enameled.


Mild to moderate sensitivity to hot or cold food or drink is expected following placement of any bonded dental restoration. Typically, this sensitivity gradually diminishes over a period of a few weeks. A very small percentage of bonded ceramic restorations display sensitivity that persists for longer periods of time. If this continues for more than six weeks, please inform us – it could be a sign that your tooth has nerve damage and may require further treatment to alleviate the problem.


Avoid chewing hard foods for 24 hours in order to allow the bonding to achieve its maximum strength. Aggressive chewing on such things as ice or peanuts should be avoided for two weeks.

Your Bite

It is not unusual for your bite to be off-balance after a ceramic restoration is placed. We adjust the bite immediately after placing it, however the numb feeling often does not allow for proper refinement of the bite at the time of treatment. Please contact our office to schedule an adjustment if needed.

Hygiene Visits

To keep your warranty in effect, visit us for your routine hygiene visits. Often, small problems can develop around the restorations can be corrected, if found early. The most often cited reason for failure of any dental restoration is failure to return for your routine hygiene visits.

Preventative Procedures

  1. Brush and floss after eating and before bedtime.
  2. Rinse vigorously for at least 30 seconds daily with a recommended fluoride rinse product such as fluorigard or ACT rinse. The best time is just prior to bed.
  3. Use a fluoride toothpaste or a toothpaste containing chlorine dioxide such as Oxygene.

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