Porcelain Veneers - Patient Instructions

First 72 Hours

The resin bonding process takes at least 72 hours to cure in its entirety. During this time, you should avoid any hard foods and maintain a relatively soft diet. Extremes in temperature (either hot or cold) should also be avoided. Alcohol and some medicated mouthwashes have the potential to affect the resin bonding material during this early phase and should not be used.


  1. Routine cleanings are a must at least every four months with a hygienist, who should avoid using an ultrasonic scaler and the air abrasion systems. Use a soft toothbrush with rounded bristles, and floss as you do with natural teeth. If daily cleaning of plaque is a problem, use a mechanical plaque removal device (Interplak), because plaque-free maintenance of these restorations is essential to their longevity and the health of your teeth and supportive tissues.
  2. Use a less abrasive toothpaste and one that is not highly fluoridated.
  3. Although laminates are strong, avoid excessive biting forces and habit patterns: nail biting, pencil chewing etc.
  4. Avoid biting into hard pieces of candy, chewing on ice, eating ribs.
  5. Use a soft acrylic mouthguard when involved in any form of contact sport.


Acidulated fluoridated mouthrinses can damage the surface finish of your laminates and should be avoided. Chlorhexidine antiplaque mouthrinses may stain your laminates, but the stain can be readily removed by a hygienist.

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